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Monday, 28 November 2016


Hello everyone! 

I wanted to post something different this time. 
Since the whole reason why I created a blog rather than YouTube channel was because I wanted to write, I thought I could add a little short story I have written quite a while back. 
This was one of the first works of mine that was recognised by my teacher and also was the start of my writing. 
I wrote this for my GCSE coursework and it is inspired by a poem. I do not remember what the poem was or who it was written by but I do remember it was about a newly wed couple who would close their shop for a few hours just to have some couple time. 

So here goes nothing. I hope you like it. 

The woman in the picture

8:45 in the morning. The last batch of freshly made chocolate croissants are out of the oven. A smell of buttery vanilla with a very strong kick of chocolate fills the air, a smell that makes you forget about early, rainy mornings. The colour of these precious babies perfectly matches the walls of my shop: yellowish-brown, just like early spring honey.
Besides my love for perfect pastries I have another love, for a tall, big shouldered man. Brown eyed, long haired; covered in full body tattoos. Ha I don’t know what’s gotten into me. He is completely opposite to me. But opposites attract. 
I am a 30 year old woman and run the bakery shop left by my dad. And what a shop I have! All morning people pop in to buy some of my delicious just-made pies, with a warming cup of coffee. A perfect beginning to a new day. I follow latest fashion trends and prefer to wear those slimming dresses that make you look as slim as those size 0 models on those white runways. Then I throw some accessories on to make me look presentable just in case I have a meeting later. And of course high heels. No woman can forget those gorgeous high heels! It is the next best thing after bakery and sex.
And him! A tattoo artist! My daddy wasn’t too sure why I picked him… neither am I to be honest. Sometimes he’s such a bore. All he ever does is draw. But what a drawing he gave me the other day! It was so beautiful I hanged it on the wall of my shop. He said: 
“This is a perfect sigh of midnight on the beach with a sky full of stars, and this warmish breeze that surrounds you while you sit on the cold sand inhaling salty sea air that makes you a little dizzy. That is my favourite place to get away. And I drew it for you.”
My knees felt like cotton balls soaked in water. So heavy and so soggy. I couldn’t stand. I needed a chair to sit as I was imagining that perfect sigh on the beach with him. It was my favourite place too… My breathing became deep and slow and I could hear my heart beat. Oh he knows how to drive me insane! I am not that kind of person to show my emotions to others and it was too soon to show them to him, even though I do love him like crazy. I put on a smile and replied with a joke.
“And I was thinking you can only draw in black and white.” 
We both laughed. 
His work room is full of mysteries. Well to my eyes at least. It’s like this greyish dirty colour. I suppose like most artists’ work places. On the walls he has lots of different objects and paintings. Some of them are finished and some – just raw ideas. There’s an immense wooden table in the middle, painted in all sort of colours from his previous work, and some cabinets around the room. Just between you and me that table becomes quite comfy in the middle of the day… oh and the squeaky noise makes it so dangerous… well you know what I mean. I must admit we test this table a lot… or any other exiting surfaces. I had couple of complaints from customers. Once I made the batch of maple pies and Mediterranean bread; that was about midday. They were in the oven, slowly tanning and I had 25 minutes free time. Well of course I won’t just sit there relaxing. So I went upstairs to check on my hubby. As I passed through the hallway, I saw red armchairs sleeping in the left corner. A beautiful dark red orchid resting on the glass table with separates the armchairs. On the right there was a door to his room.
We spoke for couple of minutes about the bakery when my eye caught something rather impressive. A beautiful portrait of a woman. It wasn’t finished. He was still working on the face and the hair. 
“Who is this?” I asked
“Oh this is nothing. Well just something I’ve been working on lately. You weren’t supposed to see it till it’s finished.” 
“Wait I have this top?!” 
He paused. 
“Well I saw this blouse on you the other day and you looked more beautiful than ever, so I decided to draw you in it. I was keeping it a secret form you for a couple days and I was planning to give it to you tomorrow.”
The same sogginess rushed through my knees and this time I thought I was going to pass out. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist; whispered into his ear:
“I love you,” 
and kissed him deliriously. 

40 minutes later I rushed downstairs with the smell of burned bread and pies. I saw unhappy customer faces looking at me. My cheeks turned bright pink. What an embarrassment! I thought to myself. As I opened the oven I saw crispy golden brown goodies. The room was filled with different scents, but you could almost taste the smell of maple, sundried tomatoes and vanilla. No French perfume could kill this bakery smell. That’s why I love it so much. When I exposed my baking goods, which looked a lot browner than other pastries, I saw confused customer faces, as though they wanted to ask me: 
“What happened?” 
My cheeks weren’t helping either. And YES I did receive a couple of complaints that day.

* * *
8 pm on the Friday evening. Last customer has left the shop wishing me goodnight. I smiled at him politely and locked the door behind him.
“Jane! Chris!” 
They have emerged from the kitchen.
“Don’t worry about the kitchen, I’ll clean it myself. I suppose you can go.”
“Thank you Lena, have a nice weekend.”
“Oh thank you, you too.”
I’ve spent lots of time cleaning the tables and the kitchen, then I started working on the finances of the shop. I heard footsteps and glanced at the clock. 10pm. 
Andrew hugged me from behind. 
“Look, this is for you as I promised.” 
He gave me his finished drawing, which looked beautiful. The woman in the painting looked young and happy. Her hair was full and wavy. The colour of chocolate, with streaks of dark red and honey colour highlights. She was beautiful but I couldn’t relate her to me, at first. 
“I think you should forget your finances for a moment and do something you love.” 
He was trying to cheer me up. 
“What about some golden cinnamon rolls?” 
His smile was sure pure; it was like looking at the child in the sweet shop.
“Oh okay… I suppose I could do with some cooking right now.” 
I smiled.

He helped me to make those gorgeous dark brown cinnamon rolls. I had so much fun, I had never had this much fun in my life. Oh and they turned out so tasty. The pastry was buttery and crispy, cinnamon and sugar combined so well, it wasn’t too sweet and you could still taste the spice of cinnamon; when melted sugar create a glasslike crust, which reminded me of crème brulee. 
We both sat on the floor net to the window with a big plate of cinnamon rolls between us. We were looking at the night sky, full of stars. We laughed. We kissed. At that moment I felt happiest woman in the world. I was the woman in the picture. 

The End
Yours Izabele

Monday, 21 November 2016

I was a Bridesmaid!

Hello everyone,

I always wanted to make this post but I couldn't decide whether it was appropriate.
Let's call this a little life update.
I got to be a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding. I only was a bridesmaid once at my dads wedding but that wedding was very modern and simple and I was about 9 years old.

When I got told I was going to be a bridesmaid I was in so much stress. I only had the dress that I actually wore in the colour newly weds chose. I wasn't the biggest fan of this dress so I tried to look for another. However, I only had 10 days to find it. The one thing always happens is that you will never find something you are looking quickly, especially when it's specific. 
I had to go with the dress I had and it was okay, not the best dress but it worked.

It was a little wedding with just family and it was kinda fun because I knew everyone from my cousin side and made quite a good friends with the grooms sister! 

The wedding was fun and we danced until dawn. It was a real treat for me also, like a great way to end my mad summer season. 

I got a few personal gifts for my cousin and her husband. I know them both personally so it was kinda easy for me to pick things. However, I also found a few great ideas on Pintrest. If you are looking for something to give or do for the wedding or even a birthday party Pintrest is your best friend! 
On a big piece of paper, in fact the paper has this sheen sprayed on it and it was the same as wedding invitations which I thought was a nice touch, I drew a huge tree, no leaves. It being family wedding, the tree kind of worked better than I anticipated.  The idea was that everyone puts their finger prints of the tree. I got a different colour ink pads so you would dip your finger into the ink pad and then place it on the tree. The end result was a tree full of colourful finger prints from everyone important.

I had the best time and the best memories and I always think about it. It just makes me so happy.  

Have you been a bridesmaid? What are you experiences? 

Yours Izabele 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

August favourites

Hello Everyone, 

I have been trying to do a favourites post for like three months and only now I had enough patience to do it. I always miss my opportunity. 
I love watching and reading monthly favourites as it is just simple way to find out a lot more products and also get a real opinion. 

1. 'The Sky is everywhere' Jandy Nelson 
First up is this book. I took probably a week to read this, not because it wasn't a good book but because I was too busy to read it. 
This books is from Zoella's book club, hence it has a sticker which I couldn't get off. I do have the whole bunch and I must say, I love them all. Young adult section is my favourite to read and I just loved this one. It had everything: love, pain, hurt, lies and interesting setting. I will not say much but all I can say is this is a story about how a girl is trying to deal with her life after her sister dies. 
My sister is only little and I am not that close with her as we live in two different countries so I don't know how would I deal with her loss but most probably not in the same way. Anyway it is a lovely read and I recommend. Also if you are a musician there is a great deal of music in there. 

2. Moschino Cheap & Chick 'I Love' perfume. 
I received this as a little present from my cousin. It is a fresh summery scent with a little kick. 
Although this one is a little hard to find at the shops it does have an amazing offer on Amazon

3. Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil 03. 

A long and fancy name for a lip oil. I have made a blog post about one before and I wasn't that much impressed with it. Recently I realised that I almost finished my honey lip oil so I bought one in red berry scent. 
I continuously reach for it. If I see it I always put it on. I just love it on my lips. I couldn't say that the oil made my lips magical, I much prefer Cremex when I need magic but in a long run I love this. It smells nice and it feels nice on your lips and it stays on your lips for a long time. Talking about scent I much prefer Red Berry over other two (Honey and Raspberry). I just think it smells like sweets and brings me back to the childhood.  
It is priced at £19. 

4. Sun, Traveling, Spain, Holidays. 

As from title you can understand that I went (or still am) to Spain. I am here as an Au Pair and I will be doing a post all about it after my time here is finished. 
In August, Spain is boiling. It was over 30 degrees all the time which means I get to much sun. 
I was always a winter girl. I love snow, and frost, and cold, and winter clothes and layering. But now I love the sun. I love to wake up and see the sun through my window. I must say I got used to the hot weather and even though I still get hot I now can stand the heat. 
Also I got a lovely tan which I am very attached too and I will be crying my eyes out when it fades. 
Now travelling, well everyone loves travelling. I love the airports, I love the plaines and flying and everything in general. I love the duty free and restaurants. Just love it all.

5. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. 

I LOVE NYX make up. They have such a good range and so many different colours to really suit everyones needs and wishes. They are like a pro brand with the most affordable prices. As it has all the blushes and contour and 50 different brow products (well not 50 but you get me).
If you haven't tried anything from NYX I highly recommend. My favourites are their lip products (I have a few types and I love them all) and their eyeshadow pans. I haven't tried other things from NYX so I cannot comment on them. 
This one is matte lipstick that dries and sets. However, it doesn't set as dry as many other liquid lipsticks and it does come off easily. This has a look of a liquid lipstick but the formula of a normal lipstick. 
This one is in colour Cannes and it is a nude colour with a little brown undertone. 

6. Bobbi Brown

I heard million things about Bobbi Brown but I never got to use it until now. Let me tell you something. This is amazing. I love the bronzer in Golden Light (£28.50) It gives such a nice colour and it stays for the whole day. It also changes a little bit throughout the day to give you the most beautiful bronzed look. Honestly worth the money! 
I love the eyeliner too, it is long wearing and apparently it doesn't move. Of course on me it doesn't wear long and it always transfers and runs as all of the other eyeliners do. However, the texture of this is amazing. It is thicker than MAC Black Track and it has more play time. It dries matte and very black. It costs £19 which is less than the MAC one and I think it is better than MAC as well.

7. Oval Brush.

Everyone has been raving about these Artiste Oval Brushes. I don't have that much money to spend on a set or even a brush so I got this one from Amazon for £1,70. I must say, this is insane. I can only imagine how much more insane the originals are, but right now this one will do too.  It gives full coverage with just the tiniest amount of product. The only downfall is it is too small for foundation. Of course I can use this too but it will take too much time and effort. 
I use this brush for the concealer. 

8. Sleek Matte Me. 

I am obsessed with these. I have recently done a post about these, so if you want to know more, here's the link

9. Lancome Hypnose Drama. 

What can I say. This is one of my favourite mascaras. On a more expensive side (£23.50) but it does everything. It brushes my lashes, lengthens them and adds volume. I love the bend wand and the fact that the bristles are shorter at the front and back and longer on the sides. The shorter bristles applies the product and also adds length while the longer bristles brushes and gives you a nice finish. 

10. Essence lip gloss. 

These are super affordable, high glosses in very nice and neutral colours. There are some brighter colours in the collection too but also very nude ones. 
These were about £2 although I cannot find them online, they do sell it in Walkinsons and probably Asda or other supermarkets. 
If you want a nice cheap lipgloss I highly recommend these! 

11. Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers. 

Honestly I cannot get enough of these. They are so worth the £15.50 as you get so much product it would last you a lifetime. I just love it; the colours, the range and the finish. 
You can blend this out to have just a light wash of colour with some shimmer or you can intensify it.
Sandler also sells in it samples (£2 each) as well. You get a 1ml sample but I must say that 1 ml will last you a long time and if you have them all you will not need another blushes and only one drop is enough for both cheeks. 

12. Lipstick by Daniel Sandler. 

Last but most certainly not the least. Keeping with the Sandler theme this is the best lipstick I tried. The colour is drop dead gorgeous on your lips. When I saw it in the tube I was a bit disappointed. It looked liked a vintage red which I wasn't that happy about but once I applied it I was in love with this colour. It doesn't bleed, it is so pigmented and it last forever. Super moisturizing and just beautiful and a must in your make up bag. 
Priced at £13.25,  Casablanca is the best colour ever!!!! 

What are you favourites this month? 

Love Izabele

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Do what you want

oh Hi, 

For a very long time I didn’t know what I want. I always used to fantasise about the perfect future but I always had a different fantasy every time I fantasise. That didn’t help me decide my future or what I want in my life. 
For a very long time I was alone and I didn’t like my own company. I needed someone with me. I wanted to have fun and laugh not just be in one room with my head. 
Over years and many different situations life threw at me I realised that I do like my own company. I like having the rhythm I have created for myself. I like talking to myself (we all do that, c’mon). I like how creative I get and how much I can get done. 
Of course this didn’t happen over one night. I have had many disappointing friendships and experiences. Some mistakes were smaller than others but through those mistakes you learn. You learn what you don’t like which is good because you can cross that of the list and try something new. I think it is better when you find something you don’t like/want as it pushes you to go and do or try something you never tried before. I think that sometimes when you know what you like you tend to stick with it and not try new experiences, I mean why would you when you like this one? 

I guess what I wanted to say in this post is that don’t be scared of mistakes. Don’t be scared of bad experiences. Do make mistakes so you will never do them again. When I was younger I always used to hear ‘learn form my mistakes’ but the thing is if it doesn’t hurt you, you won’t learn anything form it. What does’t kill you makes you stronger; that is true. Have bad relationships and friendships they will only teach you how to choose your partner or friend. They will teach you how selfish and bighearted people can be. Also just because it was a mistake it doesn’t mean that the friendship was bad. I had a friendships that didn’t last but I learned how much a person can love you. Now with that in mind I am going to message my long lost friend, not because I want her back, although I do but also because I think we need an explanation or she needs one from me. 

Don't be scared to make a step to the other side. 
Be brave.

Yours Izabele

P.S. The picture is from a beach I went to in Scotland. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Oh hey Honey

Hello people, 

Let's talk about serums. I haven't really fully used a serum as such. I never bought one. I do think sometimes I need it but I just don't want to invest my money in it. Also the research you have to do for a good serum is very long and let's be honest I would rather be lazy. 
A good way to discover new products is by ordering beauty boxes. I got this little thing from Glossy Box. 
This is a Hey Honey honey silk serum that has loads of goods in it. It has silk amino acids, vitamin E, buckthorn oil to make your skin moisturised and radiant. It is all natural. You are suppose to apply it under your moisturiser or primer and it hydrates your skin and makes it silky soft and also gives a little glow.
The honey is antiseptic and it is suppose to protect your skin from the bacteria. 
I must agree with the hydration, glowing and making your skin silky, it really does that but I still got some spots but maybe it did make it better, I couldn't tell. 
Now the price of this is rocket high. On their website it says that the full size (30ml) is $41 and the travel size (10ml) is $15. 
The only good thing about this is that it lasts forever. You only need the tiniest little bit. 
Not gonna lie I really liked this serums. I am thinking about it and it was really nice on my skin and since I don't need a heavy duty serum I think this is the best for my kind of skin (or young skin). 
I do wanna try other serums to compare. I will not spend a fortune on a serum as I do not have that luxury so I will try my best to find something good on a cheap side. Maybe I should try TKMaxx they seem to have quite a good skincare range. 

Do you use serums? What are they? What's the difference? 

Yours Izabele

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Nude lips

Hi there, 

We all know that Matte lips are a huge thing right now. Everyone is looking for the best liquid lipstick and the make up companies bring out more liquid lipsticks although many fail there are some pretty darn awesome ones too. 
For example Sleek is killing it with the matte lipsticks. I bought my first Matte me in Party Pink (which is a coraly red) about 3 years ago and I though it's the best thing ever. 
Now Sleek has more colours than when I first bought it. Nudes, pinks, and darks. 
I have got this in Bittersweet and it is a nude pinky shade. Very wearable everyday and with both heavy make-up and natural make-up. 
The other colours I have is Old Hollywood (which is dark red), Birthday Suit (which is very nude).
It doesn't smell of anything and it does stay on pretty long time unless you eat. 
I feel like this doesn't need to top up during your day as when you top up it can become crusty and weird. I only top up after a meal I had as the majority of lipstick is gone. 
The price of this is £4.99 and I think this is the best one you can get from the drug store. 
I haven't tried any of the more luxury brands but if this works why waste any more money? 
I highly recommend this lipstick if you are looking for something affordable. 

What is your favourite liquid lipstick? 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Let's get serious


I have always raved about Kiko, I love their eyeshadows and their nail polishes and all the bronzers and lipsticks and basically everything. I love that it's cheap and also a good quality. However I always heard people talk about Make-up Geek eyeshadows and bronzers and blushes, and I just didn't know if it was worth the hype. Also in UK you can't get them easily. 
You can order Make-up Geek at Beauty Bay website and they are £4.95 for an eyeshadow pan, if your purchase is more than £15 you get shipping for free. They also have lots of other brands. 
Let's talk about these eyeshadows.
 I only have one colour here but I own five colours in total. I have never used eyeshadow so pigmented and cheap and bendable and long wearing. Make-up Geek got it good. It is literally the God of eyeshadow.
This one is in colour Americano and it is dark brown with lots of purple in. The pictures on the website are not the true colours but they are very close. Nor is mine.
I have never worked with eyeshadows so pigmented and they blend easily. They have a really good pay of and they last a long time. 
I recommend recommend recommend to try these eyeshadows and to fall in love with them. They have 94 colours to choose from so I am sure you will find something you like. They might have just a tiniest bit fall out. 
They are so worth it. 

Have you tried any Make up Geek products? What are you best eyeshadows? 

Yours Izabele


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